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Science, Technology, Arts and Music. The Engineering and Math are Implied.

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Welcome to We 4 D Kids - Tutoring and Beyond

Welcome we are glad you came in search of tutoring or just learning support.

You are welcome to try out the site by logging in using a username of "guest" and a password of "guest". However we strongly encourage you to register and participate more fully in our unique local community.

Help us to leverage the incredible tools of some of the open source pioneers and to expand and localize some creative insight and intuition.

For the curious, the site's cryptic name is inspired by what kids are doing on their gaming consoles and phones and what they will need to do to thrive in the coming years.

Help us to break down knowledge silos, recombine the patterns of machines, music, movement (animation), and intuitive mathematics and motivate ourselves and our students to internalize reasoning skills both inside and outside of the confines of the common core.

This site also represents among other things, one DODO's attempt to link his daughters to the beauty of the synthesis of mathematical and critical thinking skills to the world around them. My hope is that they will learn to master and leverage technology while not being beholden to it nor becoming useless in its absence.

The journey started with playing off those infamous 390 math facts and adding 390 more in math, music, science and engineering to give context and meaning to the rapidly digitized world around us. So login and get started!