We 4 D Kids - Pick a Card If you dare

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    Euler's Number

    Perhaps the most important number in science

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    imaginary unit

    Mysterious but clever number that rotates things 90 degrees

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    The area of the unit circle or the Circumference/Diameter Ratio

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    Causes a number or vector to flip

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    Causes a number or vector to shrink to nothing

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    Leaves a number or vector unchanged

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    Pythagorean Number

    How Irrational to be the length of a side of a square with an area of 2.

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    Theodorus' Constant

    One step up from Pythagoreas

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    Square Root of 5

    Three steps around from Pythagoreas

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    Golden Ratio

    Cross Cut of a Pentagram

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    Unlimited potential in limits

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    A Matrix

    Used to either collect vectors or to transform them.

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    A vector

    Cool numbers travel in stacks